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Set the scene for a perfect Easter celebration with figurines by Jim Shore.

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Eastertime in the southern hemisphere means time with loved ones and enjoying one last holiday before winter takes hold. Whilst the season undoubtedly has great significance for the faithful, many Australians celebrate Easter by focusing on family and creating new memories whilst honouring established traditions.

Chick with Egg 9.5cm

Whatever your reason to celebrate, Jim Shore’s Easter collection will help you set the scene for your family’s treasured holiday traditions. Collectors praise the Jim Shore range for its quality construction and whimsical style. Jim Shore figurines have endearing personalities that distinguish them in the world of collectibles. Each hand-painted figurine tells a story that tickles the imagination with exquisite details, such as rosemaling floral scrollwork, quilt patterns, and vivid colours. The uniquely carved look of each piece comes from expertly moulded stone resin. Durable and delightful, a Jim Shore figurine endures, making it an instant keepsake. Whether for family, friends, or a special treat for yourself, the gift of a Jim Shore piece makes every special occasion more memorable.

Bunny Pushing Cart 12.5cmBunny Pushing Cart 12.5cm

Speaking of memorable occasions, who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? Magical Easter memories are born in childhood, searching high and low for the Easter Bunny’s gifts of chocolate eggs and other treats.

It’s the most important day of the year for the Easter Bunny, and he has heaps of eggs and other prizes to hide at this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. Carefully stacking up all the eggs in his wheeled basket, the Easter Bunny looks for clever hiding places all over the meadow. This dapper Bunny Pushing Cart wears his finest pastel Easter suit with quilted patchwork detail, cornflower blue buttons, and a debonair carnation pink bowtie. Viewed in profile, he shows off floral accents from the tip of his ears to the soles of his feet. This year’s egg hunt will be the best ever! —Until next year’s tops it, of course!

There are plenty of eggs for everyone, but when it comes to prizes, some have more luck than others. Searching high and low, this Easter Stack trio have secured the grand prize Easter egg! Climbing on one another’s shoulders to get everyone’s attention, they cannot hide the fact that they’re quite pleased with themselves. Naturally, they’ll be wanting to share some of that enormous egg with their friends…

Bunny Couple with Eggs 17.5cm

Even at an Easter egg hunt, there’s more to Easter than eggs. Whilst everyone around them scurries about looking for the best treats and prizes, these paramours share a tender moment. Dressed in nineteenth-century period finery, complete with a gentlemanly cravat and a dainty ruffled neckline, this Bunny Couple sneaks a snuggle and shares a meaningful look. What might be written on the next page in their shared story?

Snoopy and Woodstock Easter Basket 15cm

The Snoopy and Woodstock Easter Basket shows that Snoopy never misses a chance to hunt for Easter eggs! This year, he arrived early and brought an extra-large basket along. But what’s that pecking noise coming from the green egg decorated with pink flowers? Snoopy carefully cracks the egg open… Surprise! It’s Woodstock! What a silly little fellow. Now, how did he get in there?

Snuggling Easter Bunnies 22cm

Too much excitement has left this little bunny all tuckered out! Good thing she has her Mum to cuddle up to and lean on. It’s a busy time of year for all bunnies, and Mum looks upon her young kit with love and pride. This pair of Snuggling Easter Bunnies make a pretty picture at Easter and all year long. Comfortable enjoying one another’s company, they make a perfect addition to your everyday decorating.

Include Jim Shore’s figurines in your decorating this Easter and discover how their expert craftsmanship and unique holiday whimsy set the scene for the perfect family celebration.

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